5 Tips to Starting Your Real Estate Courses in Iowa

Create A Schedule.  You already are full time YOU and now you are ready to add another layer to your life and several might be working a full time job as you transition your career.  Become the master of your schedule NOW and put everything on a calendar!  In real estate we have a saying: “if it’s not on your schedule, it doesn’t exist”.  I personally have gone back to using a paper calendar.  I am a visual person anyway and then it helps my family see what all needs to get done, they sometimes miss that if the information is hidden digitally on my computer. And, (don’t freak out) you may need to say NO to a few things….it doesn’t need to be forever!

Get Your Friends & Family On Board.  This is a short-term sacrifice for long term gain, meaning you will need to get those closest to you on board with your schedule while you are studying to take the exam and launch your real estate business.  If your support system can help you during this time, it will offer you a long-term career. So, it may be time to ask for help:  who can help with pick-ups, dinner or laundry so you have the study time to need to nail this exam? 

Rest.  The days of pulling an all-nighter like our high-school or college days may not be the best approach, especially to studying.  I know we all wear a super-human cape of some sort and think we can do it all, and we can….yet wouldn’t it make sense for yourself and those around you to be rested so no one says “Remember that time Mom freaked out when she was getting her real estate license?”  For many of us, we have not studied for YEARS.  Create a schedule for when you are in class, study time, parent time and SLEEP.  All are important. (See what I did there?  I mentioned a schedule again….it’s THAT important!)

Clear Your Mindset.  You got this.  I know you do, but YOU have to believe it, too.  So, whatever small, silly voice in the back of your head might be creeping in with a different story: Stop It!  One of my number one rules in my classroom is that no one can say they are bad at math.  I know, we all have those feelings of high-school horror in algebra class, however, math is how you will figure your future commission checks so learn to love it now.  And, not that real estate is all about the money but it is about what the money can do….for you and your family. 

Ask Questions.  And then ask some more.  We, your future brokerage and the real estate agents that surround you, know you will have questions as you prepare for this real estate career.  We are happy to help you.  In fact, we are so happy to help answer your questions, the National Association of Realtors put our commitment to it into the REALTOR Code of Ethics.  As an educator who happens to work for the #1 training company in the world, I am simply not doing my job if you don’t feel comfortable asking questions.  So, just ask!


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