Becoming a (Iowa) Licensed Realtor

If you are considering getting your Iowa Real Estate License, you may have done some investigating on what it takes to get your actual license.  There are several sources, yet is always the go-to source because it represents the Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau.  You can find all the requirements there, but would you like the version of my REAL list?  Of course you do!

Complete 60 hour pre-license (classroom or online)Take and pass the PSI real estate examTake three 12 hour classes:  Developing Professionalism and Ethical Practices, Listing Practices and Buying PracticesComplete a background checkBe at least 18 years oldHave a sponsoring brokerObtain Errors and Omissions InsuranceComplete an application

That’s the short list and I will follow up on more insider information in another blog so you can get through the list above with confidence and ease, but that is not the intent of this post.  The intent is to share with you the NUMBER ONE THING you need to start career that is not the state list of requirements, but I sure wish it was: 

CREATE A DATABASE!  What is a database?  It is a list of everyone you know:  their name, address, phone and email.  Put it somewhere safe, not just in your phone contacts but an excel spreadsheet.  This is your gold when you launch your real estate career and I know way too many agents who don’t have a database and wonder why their business is so unpredictable.  So, while it may not be a state requirement to have a DATABASE ready on DAY ONE as a licensed realtor, I have just given you possibly the best advise you will ever receive.  You’re welcome!

Amy Schafer, Education Director: Pre-license and Continuing Education Trainer Licensed since 2001, Amy is a REALTOR with Keller Williams Realty Greater Des Moines and serves as the Director of Education for the Center for Real Estate Excellence.  “My passion for teaching comes from the confidence I see students get as they prepare for a new career in real estate.” Originally from SE Iowa, Amy attended Iowa State University and then began her career in retail sales management.  Amy enjoys traveling with friends, tickets to almost any event and many creative outlets such as pottery, china painting and upcycling projects.


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