Uncommon Database Calls

Now, by “uncommon” calls I don’t mean weird calls from your clients asking you crazy questions during the middle of the night.  I will save those examples for my next therapy appointment. What I am referring to are those calls you make to your clients/database that you might not be thinking about.  It is a FACT that to stay top of mind with folks, you have to keep in touch.  However, I have agents all the time say they don’t call anyone because they don’t know what to say and they feel like they are “bugging” people.  So, don’t call and “bug” them, call them with value!  Here are FOUR quick ideas, which just so happens to be the number of times it is recommended you call your database every year….

1. The Weather.  Any time there is severe weather, it can impact our homes greatly.  For example, we had flooding this past summer and I hit the phones to check on wet basements.  First, I called all my clients with pending sales, then I moved onto my active listings.  Next, I called those clients in areas most effected by the storms and offered assistance to those needing relief.  I only had one client who needed help tearing out dry wall and I was able to send a volunteer her way, yet everyone heard from me and knew I cared.

2. Homestead Exemptions.  You get a “discount” on property taxes just for living in a home you own every year.  The deadline to register for it is usually around the end of June.  At closing, I remind every buyer to get down to the courthouse and register, yet I know with moving they often forget.  So, early to mid-June, I call and remind them.  Even if I know they have already signed up, it gives me a chance to compliment them on being organized and great to work with

3. Tax Time.  My parents winter in Florida and of course I like to take advantage by paying them a visit usually the first part of February.  Every year, just as soon as I would arrive to enjoy some sunshine, past clients would call wanting a copy of their closing disclosure for their accountant.  And, I would scramble trying to figure out a way to get a copy since theirs was lost in the move.  I finally decided to create a system!  Now I keep a folder will all of my CDs for the year and before I take that trip to the Sunshine State, I send a copy of that CD to my clients proactively.  I also follow up with a phone call “you may not need it, but just to be safe I sent a copy for tax season”.  

4. Vendor Referrals.  This is a quick call asking clients who they might have had to the house to do any sort of work: pest, roofing, electrical, tree trimming.  Also, to ask if they have a need for any vendors.  This is my favorite of the ideas because I want to cement the idea that when they think of anything to do with their home, not just selling it, they think of me.  I have met so many great vendors and referred them to other clients through this program.

And guess what happens while I am on the phone making these calls? That’s right, real estate just happens to come up and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t ask “Who do you know looking to make a move?”


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