60 Hour Online Course Description

“Iowa Real Estate Principles V5.0”

Since it first appeared in 1959, Modern Real Estate Practice has set the industry standard for real estate education and is the recognized authority for accurate and comprehensive information presented in a user-friendly format. Just as today’s real estate market is challenging and complex, today’s real estate students are increasingly sophisticated and demand a high level of expertise and efficiency.  Modern Real Estate Practice meets those expectations.


During this course you will learn the Iowa Real Estate Commission course of study, including: Property Ownership, Land Use Controls & Regulations, Market Analysis, Financing, Principals of Agency, Property Disclosure, Contracts, Title, Real Estate Practices, Real Estate Math Calculations and Iowa Code 543b. Registration for this course also includes: invitation to any CREE Exam Prep Day & access to the Center for Real Estate Excellence’s private Facebook group (60 Hour VIP) for exclusive tips and tricks to passing the exam & licensing.


Email receipts for course will come from Golden Circle Real Estate/Center for Real Estate Excellence and upon completion of the course, a certificate will be issued by the school for presentation at the exam center and for license application.  The final completion email is not sufficient for the testing center or application, and any questions may be directed to Education@CREEIowa.com.


In addition to the 60 Hour online course, Modern Real Estate Practice (version 20) may be purchased.  For additional information about a career in real estate and the license process, please email at Education@CREEIowa.com where you will be connected with our leadership team.  


*60 Hour Pre-License is required to take the exam.  Additional required courses to obtain your real estate license include: Developing Professionalism & Ethics, Listing Practices and Buying Practices.  All three classes are offered through the Center for Real Estate Excellence on a monthly basis.

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